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Hitachi Elevator (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Elevator (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Message


Hitachi Japan has an array of elevator and escalator experiences for years. We are engaging our staff and consumers with activity guides, trainings and developing. R&D also keeps marching over the past through quality, lifetime, security, technology and innovation in order to save energy and be friendly toward environment – hence Hitachi is well recognized by worldwide consumers. Today, we further inspire customer experience and customer journey in our customer service procedures to build disruption and challenge.
On the emerging market of State of Cambodia, particularly the capital Phnom Penh where the rate of expansion of the building is very high, we envision a partner solution oriented business model. Hitachi Elevator Cambodia was established in 2016 and thus to fulfill market needs.
Hitachi Elevator (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. is intent on proposing products & services with high standardized quality, technology and security. We put our expertise toward aligning customers’ requirement and business goals. As we learned that it is important both the quality of life and the growth of the country even more in the future.

Hitachi Elevator (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Managing Director
Sakchai Worrasangasilpa